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Valerie Gordon’s business acumen and warm, entertaining charm lend themselves to her extensive brand, including the flagship retail boutique Valerie Confections in South Silverlake, a café and bakery showcasing her savory prowess in Echo Park, and a third concept to open in 2019 in the Valley Country Market in Woodland Hills.

The celebrated Los Angeles chocolatier—and James Beard Finalist cookbook author for 2013’s Sweet—embraces a philosophy of telling compelling stories through flavor by ensuring every dish remains approachable, with nuanced interpretation. Gordon founded the confectionary in 2004 with her partner Stan Weightman Jr., and eventually guided Valerie Confections to become one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed boutique chocolatiers.

Gaining recognition from national media outlets, TV networks, marquee food festivals, Gordon continues to push the boundary of her artisanal confections by collaborating with innovators in fields spanning fashion, design, and sustainability. Her versatile culinary knack includes handmade chocolates, preserves, historic California cakes, savory delights, and a new frontier involving nationally praised grilled desserts. An active community member, Gordon participates in organizations and events including L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, Planned the Parenthood Los Angeles Food Fare, No Kid Hungry, and others.

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A couple weeks ago I got together with this stellar group of chefs for @chefsfeed @chefsfeedindieweek. It was 4 days of inspired cooking, conversation, a hike?, more incredible food and new friends. 
This experience jettisoned the conversation between @milescooks and I that is resulting in a 4 week pop up of #TheTableatValerieEchoPark which launches on August 16.  Miles and I would not have stood over an open flame and come together in this collaboration without @chefsfeedindieweek so thank you for putting these folks together @mastercard. Your sponsorship is having a tremendous effect.
#chefsfeedindieweekShooting with this cutie today! @donalskehan (@youtube sensation!!) and I hit the streets and EAT follow along on Stories...Dear L.A., we are now LIVE on @caviar for pickup and delivery from the Valerie Confections Boutique! Yes, you can have the Coffee Crunch Cake, petits fours, and chocolates at your door. #handmadeinlaPetits Fours Landscape

#handmadeinlaThis is the first #FBF post showing some of the back story to our 15 years in business. Valerie was Isabelle before she was Valerie. why Isabelle? I liked the name, it evokes a feeling, or mood...and the original palate of blush, brown, ivory and gold was built around this vaguely Parisian, hopeful, luxe, feminine vibe that felt like ISABELLE. The packaging, designed by @stapleyhildebrand in San Francisco, beautifully encapsulated that feeling @sweightmanjr and I strive to evoke. But as we were about to launch we learned an Asian sweets company that distributed their products in the US held the trademark to Isabelle for all things sugar-filled. So we were in a bit of a bind, we didn’t want the logo totally redesigned, we loved the look and proportion of the logo, but we needed a new name. As it turned out, Valerie was available in the US, it’s fast to trademark your own name (who knew?!) and our first big entrepreneurial conflict was solved with a switch to Valerie Confections.